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Featured Writer Terms and Conditions

Below, you’ll find all of the terms and conditions to which agreement is required to be considered as a featured writer. Even though it may look like there’s a lot here, it’s all to help keep things fair and transparent for everyone involved.

After each section, simplified summaries are presented in the yellow boxes.


1. (to be furthermore identified as “IOH”) and Zeller Writing Company (to be furthermore identified as “ZWC”) respects the work and personal investment in all of your writings and so does not ever strip or require the relinquishment of all copyrights. We do, however, require special considerations in order for you to be featured and your work posted.

2. By agreeing to be featured and submitting or sending us pieces of work to be presented in your feature posts, or any other advertisement or promotion in connection with ZWC and or IOH and or your feature post, you allow us to display and use the pieces on,, its social media accounts, and in any electronic or print advertisements and promotions in connection with ZWC and IOH or your feature post from the moment of acceptance of this agreement onwards.

2a. While you agree that we can use your submitted work in ZWC and or IOH related advertisements and promotions, (print and electronic,) rest assured that we will NOT directly sell your work, claim it as our own, discredit you in any way, or directly profit from your work. For example, we may use some your work or submitted profile image in an advertisement, or on a free, printed poster or display; how¬ever, we will not generate revenue directly as a result of the display of your work. The purpose of the advertisements and other promotional material is to generate traffic to and

2b. We will not sell or distribute your work to any third party except in the case of ZWC and or IOH advertisements and or promotions.

2c. You grant ZWC and IOH the right to publish any information about you that we attain from you or from sources reported by you, for use in your feature post, in social media sites, and in advertising or promotional materials, either in print or electronic format. from the moment of acceptance of this agreement onwards.

2d. We can alter all attained materials in order to fit within formatting or other requirements of print or display pieces.

2e. We can display your likeness and attained materials on and, its social media sites, and in advertisements and promotional materials (both print and electronic.)

[note note_color=”#fffbab” radius=”0″]In order to be featured, you must grant us the right to publish your work on our websites or in any other medium, such as for e-books or in physical form (such as a poster or display.) We will always give you credit for your work and never claim it as our own. We’ll be able to use your work for the purpose of advertising for the sites – primarily to bring traffic to your featured post. Basically, we want to make sure that we have permission to use your work to make your feature as successful as possible.[/note]


3. You agree to not disclose any communication about the featured writer process, the identities of any IOH or ZWC staff or partners not already publicly known, or other any documents and or information related in any way to IOH or ZWC attained during the process of being presented as a featured writer.

3a. We also request that you refrain from announcing your selection to be featured until a set release date is determined.

[note note_color=”#fffbab” radius=”0″]In some circumstances, we’ll have some extra people or third party services help out with getting your work and feature posts all put together. In order to keep the way that we do things private and maintain the privacy of those that might help us from time-to-time, we request that you don’t talk about the behind the scenes happenings of all that goes into your feature.

Also, we request that you hold off announcing that you’ve been selected as a featured writer until we set a date for your feature. There could sometimes be a long duration of time between when you’re selected and when your feature actually appears, so it might be best to wait until everything is set in stone (or at least until your feature date is closer.)[/note]


4. ZWC and IOH respects your work, creativity, and passions, and so will never sell or claim your work as their own.

4a. Under no circumstances will you expect any compensation, either monetarily or otherwise, in any form, at any time, in exchange for your feature, interview, use of your work on and or, its social media accounts, and or in advertising and or promotions either in print or electronic formats.

4b. ZWC and IOH reserves the right to offer you gifts after you have been selected as a featured writer and you have accepted this agreement. Gifts will never be monetary in nature. Gifts should never be expected or required.

4c. While it may be a rare circumstance, you will be required to pay any taxes and or duties resulting from acceptance of any and all gifts from ZWC and or IOH. You can refuse gifts, but you cannot return them once accepted.

4d. Just to further emphasize and make completely clear; under no circumstances will you be paid or receive any compensation, in any form, at any time, from ZWC and or IOH, ZWC and IOH supporters, website visitors, or ZWC and or IOH adverisers/sponsors as a result of being a featured artist and submitting your work to us. We can use the outcome of your interview, and all other materials acquired from you or by reference of you, on and, on its social media accounts, and in any advertisements and promotional materials, either in print or electronic formats, from the moment of acceptance of this agreement onwards.

5. While you might have the opportunity to offer or advertise products and or services as part of your feature (Also known as “plug”,) ZWC and IOH reserve the right to refuse allowing such an opportunity or reject including it as part of the feature.

[note note_color=”#fffbab” radius=”0″]Don’t expect to receive any money (or any other forms of compensation for that matter) for being a featured writer. We might offer you gifts or other opportunities, but they shouldn’t be expected. If we do offer you gifts, you’ll be responsible for paying related taxes (if any.) You can refuse gifts, of course, but you can’t return them once accepted. You might be able to plug a product or service as part of your feature, but we probably won’t allow you to plug things that are completely unrelated or work in direct competition with ZWC.[/note]

 Additional Terms

6. ZWC and IOH can, at its own discretion and for any reason at all, without notice, pull or discontinue your feature. This will be extremely rare and a last resort but may result from, but not limited to: lack of communication between writer and ZWC and or IOH, or unreasonable durations of time between communication on the part of the featured writer; participation or implication of writer in scandalous or acts not in accordance with the morals and standards of ZWC and IOH; violation of this agreement by the featured writer; or likelihood of scandal or negative backlash from the posting.

7. You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless ZWC and IOH, its officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors, and advertisers/sponsors from and against all losses, expenses, damages and costs, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, resulting from any violation of these terms or any activity related to being a featured writer on ZWC and IOH (including negligent or wrongful conduct) by you or any other person or entity accessing or using the website.

8. You consent to allow ZWC and IOH to communicate with you through any reasonable means about featured writer opportunities, changes to the this agreement, or any other material related to ZWC and IOH including advertisement, contests, giveaways, and other events or material in which ZWC and IOH feels that you may benefit or find interest.

9. Any dispute arising from these terms that surpasses the resolution capabilities of negotiation must be mediated by a third party mediating agency agreed upon by both parties at an agreed upon location/means, or in the courts of Sarpy County, Nebraska.

10. If changes are made to this agreement from the moment that you accept this agreement to when your feature is posted, this version (December 14, 2014) will be the one to which you are held accountable for the duration of your commitment period. Any desired changes to your agreement between acceptance and feature posting must be acknowledged and agreed to by you and ZWC and IOH.

11. If changes are made to the agreement after you initially accept this agreement and your feature is posted, you will be notified and have the option to update and agree to the new terms.

12. You have the right to stop, reasonably postpone, or cancel your artist feature up to two weeks prior to your expected feature date for any reason, though we reserve the right to request a reason.

13. ZWC and IOH agrees to fair and honest communication and expects the same from the writer.

14. If there are special requirements or requests to be part of this Agreement, the parties must communicate such and allow the other to acknowledge, consider, counter, and consent before it is to be held as part.

15. Agreeing to be featured, in any form or means, constitutes acceptance of this agreement.

[note note_color=”#fffbab” radius=”0″]While it will be rare, we can stop, postpone, or cancel your feature at any time for any reason. Likewise, you can choose to stop, reasonably postpone, or cancel your feature at any time, for any reason. We’re fair like that. We can communicate with you via any means necessary about stuff related to you or that we feel you might be interested in.

You cannot hold us, or anyone we work with, liable for any legal issues arising from featuring you and or your work. If there are legal issues arising between us, we’ll try and take care of them with mediation before resorting to court. Let’s just agree to be friends and not ever worry about that stuff. If you want to make a change to this agreement, let us know and we’ll work something out.

If you agree to be featured, then you must agree to these terms.[/note]

Questions, comments, or concerns about this agreement?

Contact us and let us know! We want to make sure to provide the most beneficial and fair agreement between us and our featured writers, so reach out anytime if you feel it should be altered.


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