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The incorrect use of the words there, their, and they’re, is one of the most common grammar mistakes I come across, right alongside misuse of its and it’s, and your and you’re (which I’ll go over in a later posts.) For those of us aware of there correct usage, it’s hard to ignore the errors when we come across them. Did reading that last sentence bring about a moment of insta-rage? Is that a tear in your eye, I see? If so, great. You probably won’t benefit much from reading this post and can continue with your day. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, read on. This is going to be good.

Even though there, their, and they’re are all pronounced exactly the same, they each have different uses when writing. For quick reference, check out the chart below.


[spacer]As you can see, their and they’re can only be used for one specific purpose each; whereas, there has many different applications. Unless your intended purpose matches up with the first two options of the above chart, it’s best to go with there.

I hope that this quick post helped to clarify things for you and will assist you in your writing. If you feel that others may benefit from this information, feel free to send it their way. As always, reach out any time if you have any comments or questions!

Question of the day: What’s the most common grammar mistake you come across? Let us know in the comments below.

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