Cyber Dust and Snapchat

Cyber Dust and Snapchat are two mobile-only apps (available for both iOS and Android) that I’ve been getting more into as of late and I’d encourage all of you to join me for some unique content I’ll be publishing to both. Our username is ZellerWritingCo on both.


What are Snapchat and Cyber Dust?

For those that don’t know, both apps are based on the idea of being more in control of the content you create. Snapchat is more about sharing images and videos, targeted towards a younger demographic, and with Cyber Dust, you can share text, images, or videos, targeted more for those in professional settings.

The main differentiating factor between these two apps and standard text messaging is that both apps limit the amount of time that your content is viewed. Once you view the snap or dust, that content is immediately destroyed. With Snapchat, you can decide how long to make the content visible. Cyber Dust displays your content with a dynamic timeframe based on the content you send.

Both apps allow you to contact an individual, a small group, or your entire friend list. Snapchat lets you provide content to everyone on your list with ‘Snapchat Stories’ – loops of content that can be viewed an unlimited amount of times for 24 hours. Cyber Dust doesn’t allow for limitless loops; however, you can send out a ‘Blast’ to everyone (which follow the same time-sensitive restrictions of one-on-one communication.)

Why Am I Interested in Them?

It’s the brevity of content and immediacy of engagement that make these two apps so enticing to me. I’ll be able to send out quick snippets of content every day that you can view directly on your phone, and it’ll take about as much time to view as it would a text message. Plus, you can connect with me personally. If you have a comment or a question, send me a snap or dust me and I’ll be able to get back to you more candidly than if we were communicating via email or blog comments.

Snapchat and Cyber Dust are going to allow me to gain a depth of engagement with the writing community that simply publishing blog posts or sending email newsletters can’t provide.

What Should You Expect From Me on the Apps?

Every day on one or both apps, I’ll publish a Snapchat Story or send out a Blast surrounding the art of writing or the writing industry. You’ll be able to contact me directly with any comments or questions and you’ll receive a personal response. Heck, I’ll even send one some promotions exclusive to those platforms.

So, I’d encourage you all to grab your phone, download the apps (if you haven’t already,) and add ZellerWritingCo to your list of friends.

If you have any comments or questions about this post, feel free to reach out via the comments below, our usual social media outlets, or now via Snapchat and Cyber Dust!

Question of the day: Not so much a question, but a request. Comment below with your Snapchat and Cyber Dust usernames so that I can follow you! Feel free to send them via the apps, too.

Just Write Something

To write is to write. If that sounds simple to you, that’s because it is; however too often the simple definition of writing is distorted with the variety of concepts surrounding what it means to be a successful writer. No matter what you feel is required to write a story or if you’ve been misinformed on what it takes to find success as a writer, the truth is that all it takes is just to write.
Yes, many writers do do a lot of research, brainstorming, interviewing, reading, staring out of windows, and drinking coffee, but in the end, the reason that they’re successful is because they sat down and wrote a story. They could have spent years making sure that they’ll get each detail of trial procedure correct or looking into all of the theoretical physics around faster-than-light travel, but if they never actually sit down to write, then it was all for naught.

This post is short and just as much a reminder for myself as it is for anyone reading. It doesn’t matter how much stuff you think that have to do before putting pen to paper, or actions you think are necessary for others to view you as a writer (or for you to view yourself as one,) the only thing that is actually required is to write. It doesn’t matter if it’ll end up in the trash, get rewritten ten times until it’s unrecognizable, or just sit in a drawer for years. Just write something.

Bonus: For those that sit staring at a computer screen all day, here’s a free desktop background to help remind you what to do.


Just click your desktop resolution (or the closest one) and save the image.

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Question of the day: What is your greatest obstacle to writing?

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