In To Vs Into: Simple Solution to a Common Issue

Into or in to? It’s a common question, but luckily this is one grammar issue that’s easily clarified. Into is a preposition which typically specifies some sort of motion, movement, or direction. I placed my books into my bag. A writer, an editor, and an agent walked... read more

Review: Field Notes 56-Week Planner

In the winter of 2014, Field Notes released the Ambition edition. Within that three-pack of pocket-size memobooks was a beautiful, simple, and useful 56-week datebook. The edition quickly sold out and now that almost a year has passed, many have began looking for... read more

The Serial (Oxford) Comma: When and Why To Use It

One of the most argued topics of grammar is the use of the serial, or Oxford, comma. When to use it: sometimes, always, or never? I’m in the sometimes, leaning towards always, group. While it’s not always necessary to have a comma before the final conjunction (often... read more
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