Cyber Dust and Snapchat

Cyber Dust and Snapchat are two mobile-only apps (available for both iOS and Android) that I’ve been getting more into as of late and I’d encourage all of you to join me for some unique content I’ll be publishing to both. Our username... read more

Just Write Something

To write is to write. If that sounds simple to you, that’s because it is; however too often the simple definition of writing is distorted with the variety of concepts surrounding what it means to be a successful writer. No matter what you feel is required to write a... read more

Jack London on Inspiration

Before getting into the main content, I wanted to take a moment and introduce you to a new segment we’ll be working on: Writers on Writing. We’ll be looking at quotes from writers, interpreting their meaning, and breaking down how they can apply to our work. Our goal... read more
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